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Our approach makes us unique and has evolved to ensure we offer applications and services that meet our Customers' requirements.  Our policies centre on the way in which we conduct business, the way in which we monitor quality, the security of our Customers, how we manage Customer contracts, and how we innovate through research and development.


We act with Integrity by keeping our Customers informed of our perception of their needs at all times.


We maintain Independence from the interests of any third-party organisation.


We differentiate ourselves from our competition by delivering best value to our Customers through a process of Innovation.




We operate on tele-working principles.  The majority of our personnel work from their homes around the world.  We use state-of-the-art technology to exchange information between members of staff.  This approach enables us to employ some of the world's foremost experts since they are able to enjoy a high quality of life balanced with working in their desired location.


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