Customer Comments


“All personnel within the Company that I have had dealings with have been excellent ambassadors for SyntheSys” UK MOD (Name supplied)


“Very interesting and knowledgeable in the subject, backed up with obvious personal experience” Training course student Australia (Name supplied)


“Very pleased at the speed and efficiency of the work undertaken. Excellent communication and follow up” Web development Customer (Name supplied)


“SyntheSys personnel deserve a gold medal for being able to explain the complexities of VMF” UK MOD (Name supplied)

Our Customers


We have over twenty years experience in the UK and overseas marketplaces and have provided our products and services to government organisations as well as commercial and industrial clients.


Our Customer service charter along with continuing professional development of our employees ensures that Customers are the centre of our business.  We have excellent relationships with our Customers as is shown in our Customer satisfaction rates.


Customer Service


Our commitment to Customers' service ensures that our Customer satisfaction remains unrivalled.  Our ability to understand our Customers' needs and provide a service which is unique to them ensures we are recognised for the highest level of Customer service available from any provider in our chosen market.


Our Customer service commitment promises:


Responsiveness: we will provide an initial response to our Customers within 1 working day of any query or enquiry. A full response will be provided within a time-scale agreed with the Customer.

Dependability: our Customers can rely on us to deliver the product they want, when they want it.  We aim to get the product right first time.

Value for money: our services give our Customers best value by implementing efficient and effective work practices.


Customer Satisfaction


Our focused approach to Customer service is visible in our exemplary Customer satisfaction rates. Year on year, we collect data to analyse what experience Customers have had with us.  We are very proud that this data demonstrates that 99.7% of our Customers rate our service, technical ability and personnel as being within the ‘excellent’ and ‘good’ category.


At the end of every contract, or at regular intervals

during longer contracts, we send our Customers a

questionnaire to ask how we are doing.  The

questionnaire has 11 categories that enable the

Customer to evaluate our performance as ‘Excellent’,

‘Good’, ‘Average’, ‘Fair’, or ‘Poor’.


This graph shows the collected results from all the

questionnaires since the Company was formed in 1988.

There have been no responses at all in the ‘Fair’ and

‘Poor’ categories – this is not a rounding effect!


We believe it speaks for itself.

Customer Satisfaction - Training


Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.  We always strive to ensure that all of our Customers' requirements are met.  We are so confident that this is achieved that we offer a no quibble, money back guarantee, with all of our training events.

SyntheSys Customer Satisfaction Results

Countries and Organisations


We work with Customers around the world, as shown below in yellow.

SyntheSys Customers

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